Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Your brand is everything your customers say about you. It is how you behave, your employees conduct themselves. It is your personality. We provide the following services to assist you clarify your brand and protect it once it is articulated.

A great branding strategy should:

  • Make it clear what value you bring and give you a personality
  • Help you attract more of the ideal clients
  • Assist you get a better return from your marketing dollar
  • Position effectively from your competitors.
  • Differentiating your business so your clients are less likely to focus on price

We work through the following steps to build your brand identity over a number of consulting sessions.

1. Values, personality and value proposition clarification

2. Brand audit: consistency, personality, touch points look, feel and voice

4. Creation: brand style guide, brand positioning, tag line, visual library, collateral

3. Metrics; awareness, preference, market share, customer and employee satisfaction

Ready to go right now?..Where to start…?

1. You can do a brand audit and get some feedback on your brand now




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