Do you know what is working and why? Be purposeful, be smart with your marketing dollars!

As the business owner, you know that word of mouth and ad-hock marketing efforts will only get you so far. You also know, that to take your business to the next level of growth, you need to invest in a streamlined systematic approach to marketing and sales.

Are you ready for a steady flow of  the right customers rather than the peaks and troughs that many small businesses experience? You are in the right place!

Here’s an example of how we help. We recently worked with a local architect. He came to us when he was really having trouble attracting clients. He was only getting ”word on mouth business” and that wasn’t enough. So we worked with him to develop a much more effective marketing strategy and as a result his business has increased by two new clients on average every month.  He is intelligent, motivated and knew that he needed a better approach to attracting the right customers to grow his practice strategically.

He recognised that he needed to outsource the skill of attracting customers and get on with servicing his current clients. Both roles were critical to growing his business.

Marketing is an active, strategic and purposeful process.  It is not cold calling, advertising in the local paper. Waiting for the phone to ring gives you no control over your lead generation engine. Marketing is about communicating with your ideal customers and building a relationship, giving them positive experiences or tastes of your service, so when they are ready to buy, the natural and hopefully the only choice is YOU. You can either market to attract your ideal customers, or compete on price.

Ready to go right now?..Where to start…? 

What you get:

1. Solid ideas to improve your business marketing immediately

2. Easy tips to create real prospects

3. The opportunity to ask any questions of a marketing expert

We don’t do these sessions with every business so please fill out this quick survey to see if you qualify for this session.


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