Sales and Marketing Tools

Marketing and Sales Tools

Often brochures, advertising, websites are top of mind when you ask small businesses about marketing. And yes, these tools are great, but the underpinning strategy is so important to get right.

Some of the tools we use to create sales and marketing tools are:

1. Customer capture and communication tools: CRM options, email autoresponders, blogs, brochures, feedback surveys.

2. To create sales: lead generation offers, sales incentives, sales training and sales funnel.

3. To maximise marketing spend: create awareness programs inlcuding, PR, promotions, better distribution models, branding and merchandising, customer events and advertising strategies.

4. To ensure that the sales and marketing tools are working we track, monitor and use a metric dashboard appropriate to each business.

5. To audit your sales strategy and ensure it is maximised for growth: customer buying cycles, incenitves for customers and sales consultants.

Ready to go right now?..Where to start…?

What you get:


1. Solid ideas to improve your business marketing immediately

2. Easy tips to create real prospects

3. The opportunity to ask any questions of a marketing expert



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