You are good at what you do, but marketing has taken a back seat! Now you are worried about your cashflow We can help…..

The Simple Marketing System is based on providing value to our prospects at every stage of the marketing and selling process. What we need to offer (not talk about) is our attention, our expertise, and our resources. In return, prospects reciprocate. They move towards us, wanting to know more, seeing us as valued resources (as opposed to someone trying to sell them something).

This Simple Marketing System attracts exactly the right people as clients. These clients are looking for the contribution you offer and they are willing to pay for it. No pushing, force, or manipulation is required; that’s counter-productive. Yes, it will take some time; it will take some work. But it will do what you’ve always wanted marketing to do – attract more of the right kind of clients that will enable your business to grow predictably.

How does it work?

We have a series of marketing workshops fortnightly and work through a systematic approach to attracting your ideal clients. Each week I will send you some information so we both can come prepared to the session. Most of the work can be completed within these workshops which are usually between 1.5 and 2 hours in length.


Who works with us?

The ideal client for us is a service based company that is ready and motivated to work on their business. They understand that marketing not a short term turn on once off event but an approach to business. Clients are most likely to succeed with us if they work through The Simple Marketing System. They need to focus on the goal of want getting solid long term results which is to attract ideal customers consistently.


Characteristics of our ideal client:

  • Motivated and enthusiastic
  • Willing to make a difference
  • Have high Integrity
  • What to learn and grow
  • Can commit the time to do the pre-work for each workshop

Sometimes we will need to address an immediate need and that is okay but our focus will always be The Simple Marketing System approach. Let’s look at The Simple Marketing System overview.


Marketing Strategy session – We offer something called a Marketing Strategy Session. The purpose of this session is to see if we can what the possibilities are by improving your marketing and sales process. We talk about your goals, what gets in the way in achieving your going to leave with some solid ideas to improve your business effectiveness immediately. We don’t do these sessions with every business so please fill out this quick survey to see if you qualify for this session.




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