The Simple Marketing System in a Box

The Simple Marketing System in a Box

We make it easy, online and in your own time

Fast track your marketing now with using The Simple Marketing System

All the templates, webinars and case studies you will need to grow your small business!

Join for 3 months for as low as $10.00 per month. 

Have you been doing a random approach to marketing? Find it all too hard. Don’t have the time. Not sure what is and isn’t working? Most of your clients come as a result of word of mouth, you just hope that doing a good job will continue giving you referrals…

Time to STOP BEING PASSIVE. Time to take CONTROL an be STRATEGIC about GROWING your small business! Marketing Guru for small business Danielle MacInnis has been marketing over 20 years and I know what works and as a IT geek Danielle knows how to set up your business using affordable tools. You can attract ideal clients, have shorter sales cycles and speak confidently about your business at right networking opportunities if you have a structured organised and strategic approach. Interested…


Weekly emails that contain:

1. Templates including: Turnkey templates that will change the way you market your small business

  • Marketing Budget – what gets measured gets done!
  • Marketing Activity Planner – stops a random approach, keep it all on one page
  • Strategy Checklist lists – what are the best strategies for your business, online, and off
  • Profiling You Ideal Customers – attract the ideal client
  • Use our Value Proposition Template to create your powerful marketing message and much more!

2. A series of  videos that show you HOW TOOS that is added to monthly

  • Set up your own website
  • Do a email campaign or auto responder
  • Use social media tools to generate leads and PR
  • Effectively use blog articles to drive traffic
  • How to get found using Search Engine Tips
  • How to create copy that sells

3. Articles and Tips weekly

I have put together articles and tips to fast track your marketing education so you can do this easily for your small business.

JOIN TODAY 3 MONTHS OF AWESOME CONTENT, TOOLS AND TIPS TO MARKET YOUR SMALL BUSINESS FOR ONLY $30.00. That is less than 35cents a day, great value! If you are serious about growing your business systematically this is a no-brainer!

For seriously frustrated small business owners

The Simple Marketing System


FOR $100 for 3 MONTHS

This level is perfect is you are ready to put in place a sales and marketing system but you need some coaching rather than a total DYI system. You have access to Danielle MacInnis for a monthly call to get you Turbo boosting your system in a record time.

1. Group Brain Jam 1 hour conference calls where you can ask Danielle MacInnis anything about your marketing challenges. Submit your questions before the call for Danielle to answer.
2. Access to the call if you miss them as a MP3 file to listen to any time
3. Transcript of the call

Make an investment in yourself. Educate yourself about how to market and sell your business the right way to attract the right customer consistently. For a $100 investment you you will have  access advice you need at a very affordable cost,  when and how you want to use it.

What others are saying about Danielle MacInnis:

“Danielle has been great at helping us focus our marketing efforts. Her ideas and energy really help us to make sure we get results from our marketing dollars. Since working with Dan we have been able to focus what we do, when we do it and how to get the best results. Something we never could have achieved without her help.” August 3, 2008, Jamie from Adapt Solutions

“Danielle is a high energy person and a great creative thinker. She is unique in that she has strong marketing and organizational behavior backgrounds; a combination that results in significant value-add as a consultant. As a sounding board, I particularly appreciate that Danielle holds you accountable to defending your ideas from the customer’s point of view, which I think is one of her greatest attributes. These skills coupled with being team player, and her practical nature ensures that what she delivers as a marketing consultant, and is always in high demand. The fact that I frequently call her from my office in Boston for her assistance is testament to the fact that I hold her in high regard as a business/marketing/organizational behavior expert.” July 16, 2008 Sean Gallagher Market Culture

Tom Stockdale – CEO of StockdalePrintstaff

“I found dealing with Dan fantastic because of:

1. Your unwavering commitment to the best interests of my business and to me personally

2. The high energy attitude you bring to every meeting

3. Your in depth understanding of effective leadership and how to build high performing teams

4. The passion for good sales and marketing strategies you have

5. The way you can create and run tailored workshops to meet our needs

6. All the homework and research you do between meetings to find the best solutions for any issue we have.”

“By working with Danielle I was able to re-evaluate all aspects of how I managed my business. Danielle has a unique talent of helping you to look at your marketing problems in a new light. By working with her I was able to improve my efficiency, increase my communication effectiveness and even increase prices and improve profitability in a highly competitive market.

Danielle encourages you to work smarter, not harder and really understand your customers needs and to build your communication around that, rather than finding customers who fit your communication.I will use the tools given to me by Danielle  for many years to come.If you only hire 1 marketing consultant this year, it has to be Danielle MacInnis” Adam Faccin, Product Manager Panasonic